Yoga for Pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga

*Prenatal classes scheduled bi-weekly in January. Check the studio schedule for days and times.

When there is enough demand for it, the studio offers a prenatal Yoga class. This is a wonderful time for pregnant women to come together not only to practice yoga but also share this experience with other expectant moms. When there isn’t enough demand to keep a prenatal class on the schedule, women who are pregnant are encouraged to attend a regular yoga class. Our teachers are trained in teaching yoga for pregnancy, so we encourage you to come to whichever class is the right level for you. Always inform your instructor of your pregnancy before the class. We suggest you do only 70% of what you think you are normally capable of. This is a time to exercise caution and take care of yourself. When practicing yoga during pregnancy, please follow these important guidelines:

*Avoid face-down or prone poses
*Avoid supine poses (poses on your back). When resting in shavasana (relaxation pose) at the end of class, lie on your side with a blanket between your knees for maximum comfort.
*Avoid inversions such as headstand or shoulderstand
*When practicing balancing poses, always use the wall for support
*Use caution when doing backbends and twists, and only practice those that are comfortable for your body
*Since the blood volume increases significantly during pregnancy, women may at times feel winded, out of breath or dizzy for no reason. Remember to take special care and move slowly and mindfully from one posture to another.