Yoga Classes for Kids

Yoga is great for kids, too! Research indicates yoga helps children improve self-esteem and overall health. It also improves physical fitness, concentration and emotional balance.

Monthly Classes, Kids ages 6+
October – December, 2016

Saturdays, Noon – 12:45pm

October 15
November 19
December 10

$8 a class
*Discounts for families enrolling more than one child.
Call 724-388-6327 to register

Get Grounded (like a Tree)!

Stand Up Straight (like a Mountain)!
Express Yourself (like a Lion)!

Through simple poses and breathing exercises like “Tree”, “Mountain” and “Lion’s Breath”, yoga can balance and strengthen the body as well as the mind! Come and enjoy this fun opportunity as we shed new light on what “You’re Grounded!” really means!

Yoga classes help kids improve concentration and focus, stimulate their imaginations and release energy in a fun, safe environment. Using interactive games and animated postures, younger kids learn about animals, nature and basic anatomy through yoga. Older kids and teens will learn classic yoga postures and breathing techniques to help focus their minds, release stress, and encourage body awareness and self-acceptance. Classes always end with quiet time allowing participants to leave in a calm and balanced state.


Off-Site Yoga Instruction for Kids & Teens

Sunflower Yoga instructors are available to teach kids yoga classes at a variety of venues. We have experience teaching kids from age 2 to 18 at summer camps, after-school and summer programs, and day care centers.

For more information call Jill Wingerter at 724-388-6327.