Massage Therapy at the Studio

Schedule your appointment today with Licensed Massage Therapist Kristi Keith, and enjoy a relaxing massage in the beautiful and tranquil atmosphere of the studio!


Kristi Keith

Kristi_photoKristi specializes in customizing each client’s massage experience to their specific needs, through the use of a broad range of techniques and methodologies. These include but are not limited to Deep Tissue, Essential Oils, Orthopedic Reflexology, Reiki, Stretching and Swedish Massage. This is not a “paint by numbers” massage some may have experienced. Kristi believes no two massages should be the same because no two people are the same, nor is any individual person guaranteed to need or want the same work or treatment in each of their sessions. “Life changes, we change, and our needs change. It’s my job as a massage therapist to listen to the needs of the client and to provide for them the best possible healing experience I can.”

Massage Rates:

30 Minute massage $30
60 Minute massage $60
90 Minute massage $90
120 Minute massage $120

Gift Certificates are available and can be ordered directly through Kristi.