Born Yogis

A New Class beginning September 3rd
Wednesdays, 4:45 – 5:30pm

We at the Sunflower Yoga Studio, are thrilled to be offering this ‘new’ school-aged kids’ (7 and older, non-competitive) practice. Your child will begin to develop their own personal wellness program., connecting their breath and physical postures through the introduction of a Hatha yoga practice. Each practice will be team taught, by two of our experienced and qualified staff members. Space will be limited to 12, so sign up on line or call the studio!  Namaste.

‘A Warrior’s Vinyasa’

A new class beginning September 7th
Sundays, 7 – 8pm

‘A Warriors Vinyasa’, As a veteran, a veteran’s caregiver and family members, we are personally aware of the adversity in which we share. The practice of yoga has been proven to improve an individual’s emotional and physical health and well being. Our empowering practice together will include breath work, mindfulness skills and physical postures, creating your own moving meditation practice.

As a veteran who has accepted the practice of yoga into his life, I want to share with you this life changing practice. Take a deep breath and step forward, breath into your personal wellness practice. I want to thank Jill F. the owner of Sunflower Yoga Studio, Indiana, PA for opening her heart and the doors to the studio for this empowering practice. This blog will be utilized to present and provide further information and yoga opportunities within our veteran community and the studio.  Our first practice together begins at 1900 on September 07! Namaste.

Our Relationship with Food and Fear

I used to hate food. I loved the taste of it, but I would rather have not eaten it. I prayed for a way to live without having to eat. Those who attended the Mindfulness, Food, and Yoga class held at the studio in July know that this is because shared that I am an emetophobic, or have a phobia of vomiting. So when we’re having a meal together? Yeah, sorry, I’m not really listening to what you’re saying; I’m too busy worrying about whether this meal is going to make me sick later. I’m too busy listening to my inner monologue telling me that eating this meal, no matter how delicious, will never be worth the sickness that it may cause. So, if I didn’t get enjoyment out of that meal, what did I get? Anxiety, anger, and fear.

While emetophobia may be a new vocabulary word, I am going to make a wild assumption that some of you have had a similar relationship with your food. Instead of it making you sick, though, you may be afraid that eating a particular food may make you overweight or unhealthy. Or you may already be overweight or unhealthy and may worry about eating or food in general and see it as the enemy. So, can I ask how much you’re enjoying your food? Are you left feeling anxious, angry, and afraid, just like me?

When it comes down to it, food isn’t our enemy, but our ally. Food is here to keep us alive. We need to trust it—and ourselves–to do that. We need to respect it enough to allow it to do that. Because, guess what? The other feelings that we get from food, the anxiety, anger or fear in this example, don’t matter. That lettuce in your healthy salad couldn’t care less how you feel about eating it; it just wants to nourish you. Similarly, the ice cream doesn’t care if you’re mad at it for existing, seemingly only to make your waistline bigger than you’d like; it just wants to bring your taste buds joy. I think that if we’re willing to be mindful of this, and allow food to do its job – to nourish and satisfy us – we will find ourselves in a much happier, healthier place in our relationship with food.