Winter chill have you down?

So how about this winter here in PA? It seems like that ‘groundhog’ got it right this time. The constant freezing temperatures, the never ending snow fall and to think, there is more to come! Rather, than hiding away to avoid this seasonal chill, consider taking a class. Step onto your mat and breath, just breath your way to a clearer mind, healthier body and all around better spirits. The National Institutes of Health has recognized yoga as a form of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Take the step, share the breath work and create your own personal wellness program. Namaste

True strength comes from acceptance of our selves

As I was walking to class (A Warriors Vinyasa) on Sunday evening it dawned on me like a beacon light in the dark, ‘true strength comes from acceptance of our selves’…As we mindfully practice connecting our breath to our physical postures let’s focus on our inner warrior. Where our personal strength was ignited at birth, grown through our childhood and forged through our life journey! Namaste:)

Day 1

So, our first ‘A Warrior’s Vinyasa’ class/practice is in the books. On Sunday, September 7th there were 3 of us in the studio. The Pirates and Steelers had both played and won. The weather was ‘amazing’. Our practice began and ended with the connection of our breath to our physical practice. What was missing is you. The practice of yoga has many proven benefits (e.g. increased focus and mindfulness, leading to decreasing anxiety, etc.), one of the most important benefit’s is the general feeling and increase in our personal health and wellbeing. Our next class/practice will be Sunday, September 14th at 1900.

What is yoga and how does it work?

There are classic text books which answer these questions (i.e. Bhagavad Gita or The Yoga Tradition). But, in very simple terms: yoga has been ‘translated’ to mean union and this union is often thought of in the terms, ‘mind, body and spirit’.  Yoga as we know it is a personal wellness practice in which the goal is to create the absolute balance of ‘mind, body, and spirit’. What separates yoga apart from other health and wellness practices is the mindfulness approach to the  ‘setting’ of our intentions, the connection of our breath throughout the practice and the actual physical postures themselves.

Historically, it is believed that the practice of yoga originated approximately 5000  years ago, and that this practice has eight paths of which Hatha yoga (i.e. physical postures) is only one. However, the ‘beginning’ of the Hatha yoga path and practice (i.e. physical postures, asana’s) did not begin to evolve as we know it until around 1920-1930’s. And since this time yoga has become a practice, to be done while working towards self-improvement (i.e. benefiting our minds through goal setting and  our bodies through increased balance, flexibility and strength, etc.). The ‘spirit’, spirituality, or general connectedness that you experience while practicing completes the union of the individual practitioner’s mind, body, and spirit.

Still skeptical? Let’s take a quick look at two common and current, exercise principles that we are being taught today (i.e. physical education classes, personal fitness industry, etc.). Warming up, before we exercise, think that was the creation of your personal trainer? Think again, warming our bodies up for the physical practice (Hatha) is a major component of most styles of yoga (i.e. Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga) and is commonly practiced through Sun Salutations. And at the end of your exercise program, there is commonly a ‘warm down’ period or exercise. This principle very closely mimics the intentions of our period of time that we spend at the end of our yoga practice, Savasana. Namaste.

Born Yogis

A New Class beginning September 3rd
Wednesdays, 4:45 – 5:30pm

We at the Sunflower Yoga Studio, are thrilled to be offering this ‘new’ school-aged kids’ (7 and older, non-competitive) practice. Your child will begin to develop their own personal wellness program., connecting their breath and physical postures through the introduction of a Hatha yoga practice. Each practice will be team taught, by two of our experienced and qualified staff members. Space will be limited to 12, so sign up on line or call the studio!  Namaste.